Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe!

Hey all. I was so busy worrying about Call Of Duty: World At War, that I forgot to mention the first game that I rented from Gamefly! That first game was Mortal Kombat Vs. DC universe! And this game was really good!

Now first of all, I have only one complaint about the game! And that complaint is the story! What a lame story! Something about the two worlds colliding and...trust me, it's lame! They would have been better just making them fight for no reason whatsoever and not answering any of the gaming publics question as to how they got together! Anyway, that's my only complaint. Now let's get to the action!

If you are a comic book nut like myself, then this game is a godsend! This game makes you ask, Why didn't they do this before? There are a full compliment of characters from the DC universe and all of your favorites from the Mortal Kombat universe are there also! If you have ever played Mortal Kombat in the past then the control scheme will be familiar to you. In fact, they kind of simplified it for you.

I must admit that they did a good job on this game. My favorite character is a toss-up between Superman and the Flash! Both heroes powers are represented here beautifully. Superman will make you pay if he gets his hand on you, and the Flash...well lets just say that his speed is very well represented here. Sometimes it seems like he is in two places at once!

A surprise addition to the game was one of my favorite childhood hero's: Captain Marvel! When I was a kid it was always a question as to who would win in a fight between Captain Marvel and Superman! Now with this game you and your friends can try to answer that question as best as you can! To all of you Batman freaks out there, the Dark Knight is featured in this game as well! The game has all of your favorite and most popular DC characters and it also features a return of your favorite Mortal Kombat characters.

Of course you have Sub-zero and Scorpion. But you also have the return of Baraka, one of my favorites from the past. The Mortal Kombat characters can more than hold their own against the DC characters also. One of the coolest things about the game to me is the damage that each character shows at the end of each fight. There's nothing cooler than seeing Superman with his outfit ripped and cape almost torn off like he was in the fight of his life! This is a definite game to get if you are a comic book fan and even if you are a fan of the fighting genre. A worthy addition to the Mortal Kombat library.

I actually sent the game back but now I miss it! I'm going to buy it through Gamefly and right now the price is $44.99! that's about 15 bucks less than i would pay in the retail stores! You might say that's not that much of a discount! But in today's economy, any discount is a good discount! I am saving so much money with this service that I can't begin to tell how much I HAVE saved! I am very happy and satisfied with Gamefly and you will to! Do yourself a favor and check it out! You won't be disappointed!

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