Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Madden Curse Has Officially Been Broken!

I know, I know, I said that I would be reviewing Call Of Duty: World At War on my next post, and I will but I made a mistake in my gameQ in my Gamefly account. I accidentally put Left 4 Dead twice in my gameQ and they sent it to me again! That's my fault for not explaining the gameQ to you. Whatever you have in your gameQ that's what they are going to send to you, IN THAT ORDER! So you better have it right! Anyway, thats my fault,I'll have the game by Tuesday. I promise! Let's talk about the Madden curse!

During this crazy end to a football season no one has brought up the fact that Brett Favre DID indeed break the vaunted MADDEN CURSE! For the first time in it's long history, it has been broken! He had no injuries(that were reported...) and he had a great year with the Jets! Amid all of the Super Bowl hype and the questions as to whether he will come back or not, no one noticed this little tidbit!

Like I said in my previous article,The Madden Curse - Why Brett Favre May Be the First to Break It!" I think that he broke the Madden Curse because he was pictured on the front of Madden '09 in a Green Bay Packers uniform, and he ended up in a N.Y. Jets uniform! That's how he broke the curse! By switching teams and being the most confused and undecided quarterback in the NFL!

I sound like I don't like Brett Favre, but actually I do! If it weren't for Favre we would have never known that Chad Pennington could get over his shoulder injury. We would have never known just how far the Jets organization would go just to get a quarterback for ONE YEAR!(Real Smart, JETS!!!) And we would have never known if the Madden Curse could have been broken!

Now that we know all of these things, now what? Well, lets see! The Jets will need to go into the 2010 draft looking for a quarterback because everyone doubts whether Brett will be back! The people at EA(Electronic Arts) now know that is what not all bad luck to put athletes on the cover of their most popular video game! And you can best believe that they will continue to do it in the future!

...I've got to say this to get it off my chest! Brett Favre did not break the Madden Curse because he is a white athlete! He broke the Curse because he changed teams in the beginning of the season! (To the uninformed out there, all of the previous NFL athletes put on the cover of Madden were African-American, and all of them were met with some kind of injury during their season while they were on the cover. If you don't believe me go back and check the covers!) And the N.Y. Jets were stupid enough to fall all over him and take the bait! Sure they had a great season, but now look at what they have! No quarterback! At least not for next year! And if they are smart they will go into the draft looking for one because Brett Favre will not be coming back!!!

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