Sunday, March 21, 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2!

Whats up, people?! I'm back! I know that I'm not here every week like a real blogger is supposed to be but, I'm busy! What do you want me to do! This is not the only blog that I contribute to, and I don't get a chance to play as many video games as I would like. That's why GameFly is cool for me.

I'm a working man with a family that doesn't have a lot of time on his hand. I am also a first generation gamer so, in my journey into adulthood, I NEVER lost my love for video games! And the one that I'm going to talk about today is a doozy!

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is......the Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!!!! If you are a fan of 1st person shooter's, then you DEFINITELY need to get this game! I know I said that about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but that was before this game came out!There is nothing wrong with Call of Duty but...Battlefield expands on Modern Warfare tremendously!!!!!

The addition of vehicles makes this game live of to it's name...Battlefield!!!! Tanks, Light Tanks, Helicopters, Assault Boats, Wave runners, UAV's. All of those vehicles and you still have to worry about getting shot by a dude on the ground! Like I said before: a real Battlefield!

I used to play Battlefield on the PC years ago. The only difference between the PC and the console versions is that you could pilot jet fighters in the PC version! That first year of Battlefield on the console wasn't that good. But now....they have made it a game worth having!

If you are a fan of Modern Warfare it will take you a minute to get used to the controller scheme. So I recommend that you play a single player mission or two to get used to it, and then go online where the real action is! Battlefield Bad Company 2's online mode is crazy! You have all of the vehicles that I talked about above plus, mortar strikes, missile strikes and general carnage! Just like in Modern Warfare, there is one rule online...Keep Moving! If you stop for a second you will get shot or killed!

Speaking of getting shot or killed, I have to bring up the best (in my opinion!) part of this game. DESTRUCTIBLE COVER! You know how on other war games when you are getting shot at you can hide behind a wall and the bullets can't go through the wall? Well on Battlefield, your cover CAN BE DESTROYED! I can show you better than I can tell you! Check out the video on YouTube: Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Destruction!

I give the game a 9.5 out of 10! You might say, "If the game is so good why not give it a perfect 10?!" Well, I only have one complaint about the game. You can't lay completely flat or prone! That's my only complaint! But you completely forget about that once you start playing! I forgot about it! A friend of mine had to bring it up for me to notice! The rest of the game is flawless! Trust me, if they would have included laying flat in the game I would have gave it a perfect 10!

In conclusion I am going to give this game a big thumbs up! If you are a 1st person shooter fan or you know one, then this game is a must have! Trust me! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!