Sunday, December 28, 2008

Games That I Have Rented From Gamefly!

Just to let you guys know that Gamefly is no fluke, or that it sounds to good to be true...I will let you guys know about the games I have rented. From the outset I will let you know that once I put these games in my GameQ, it only took two days for the game to get to my house.

What is a GameQ you might ask? Once you become a member of Gamefly, your GameQ is your personal list of video games that you want to rent! You can have up to 50 games in your Q! I don't know about you but that's a lot of games! My gameQ had "Gears Of War", "Mortal Combat vs. DC Universe" and Ninja Gaiden II in it. "Ninja Gaiden" you say?! Yes "Ninja Gaiden"! Yes you can rent old games from Gamefly, and as I mentioned before...NO LATE FEES!!!

The cool thing about Gamefly is that you will also be able to buy the games that you rent at a discount rate later on if you decide to keep it.As of this writing I checked and I can buy "Gears Of War" for $47.99 and I can buy "Ninja Gaiden" for $14.99! With Free Shipping!! That might not seem like a bunch of savings to you, but to me it sounds better than the buy it, play it, trade it in for pennies and then have the video game stores sale it for twice what you traded it in for cycle I have been in for the last 10 years!

Gamefly is not for everyone. I will say that truthfully. Some people will be turned off by the amount of time it takes for the games to arrive at your house. I can respect that. Some people might not like the fact that you can only rent two games at a time when you first join! Well how many games can you play at one time!? Me I can only play one, so two games at a time is a bonus for me. The people that don't like to wait for their games will undoubtedly not like waiting for their games. The people like me who have a very busy life and play video games when they have some free time will enjoy it.

Anyway I will update this blog with reviews of the games I have personally rented from Gamefly just to let you guys out there know that this is not a scam! If you don't want to wait for my reviews then got to Gamefly now! Click Here!

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